Melody Bear
(including collectable Melody Bear stickers)
1 hour of Ballet, Tip Tap Toe and Groovy Moves - £7.50
 Primary A 
1 hour of Ballet, Tap and Modern - £7.50

Primary B, Grade 1A, 1B, 2A, 2B
1 hour and 15 mins of Ballet, Tap and Modern - £8.50

Grade 3A
1 hour and 30 mins of Ballet, Tap and Modern - £9.00

Grade 3B
1 hour and 45 mins of Ballet, Tap and Modern - £9.50

Grade 4A
2 hours of Ballet, Tap, Modern, Pointe - £10.50

Street Dance
Bronze 30 mins - £4.00
Silver and Gold 45 mins - £4.50

Singing Lessons
30 mins - £4.00
Advanced Senior Troupe
Please enquire as price depends on the length of the course

 A free trial week is offered to all!
Fees are pre-paid monthly or termly.
Discounts are given to students participating in all genres for their age group. We also offer a 5% sibling discount to parents with two or more children enrolled at the school.